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The Churches and the Kosovo Crisis
Background Information


Background Information

Delegation Reports Press Releases and Updates
  • 30 March 2004 Press Update: Kosovo: Religious communities to be taken seriously as partners in long-term peace-building (English)
    The full text of the joint 29 March 2004 letter
  • 19 March Press Update: World and European ecumenical bodies appeal for peace in Kosovo, warn against misuse of religion in conflict (English)
  • 20 August 2002 Press Update: WCC and CEC concerned about violence against Serbian Orthodox in Kosovo (English)
  • 6 October 2000 Press Update: WCC and CEC express solidarity with churches in Yugoslavia (English)

  • 10 December 1999 Press Update: WCC and CEC denounce church destruction (English)

  • 2 July 1999 Press Update: Ecumenical delegation to Kosovo (English)

  • 24 June 1999 Press Update: WCC and CEC Appreciate Serbian Orthodox Church Appeal (English)

  • 11 June 1999 Press Release: International Church Bodies Welcome End to Kosovo War (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 28 May 1999 Press Update: "Not a Religious War!" Says Ecumenical Delegation Back from Trip to Albania and Macedonia (English)

  • 27 May 1999 Press Update: Consultation on the Churches and the Crisis in the Balkans, Budapest, Hungary (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 21 May 1999 Press Release: Church Leaders Meet to Discuss Churches' Response to the Balkan Crisis (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 17 May 1999 Press Update: Ecumenical Delegation Visits Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 11 May 1999 Press Release: Call to Join the International Day of Prayer and Reconciliation on 16 May (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 3 May 1999 Press Release: Report of Ecumenical Delegation to Yugoslavia (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 16 April 1999 Press Update: Ecumenical Delegation Visits Yugoslavia (English)

  • 15 April 1999 Press Update: Joint Statement on the Protection of Humanitarian Principles in Kosovo Refugee Response (English)

  • 31 March 1999 Press Release: Easter Appeal for a Cessation of Armed Conflicts (English, français, Deutsch and español). Suggested Lenten prayer: (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 29 March 1999 Press Release: International Church Bodies Call for a Halt to the Nato Intervention and a Return to the Negotiating Table: Letter to UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan (English, français, Deutsch and español)

  • 25 March 1999 Press Update: Pastoral Letter to WCC Member Churches in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (English)

  • 17 March 1999 Press Update: Message to the Conference on Peace and Tolerance in Kosovo (English)

  • 14 October 1998 Press Release: WCC Statement on the Situation in Kosovo (English)

  • 10 March 1998 Press Release: Church Leaders Urged to Contribute to Negotiated Solution to Kosovo Violence (English, français and Deutsch)

WCC Features
  • 16 June 1999 "Offering Hope in the Midst of Despair" The Orthodox Church of Albania Gives Humanitarian Aid by Elizabeth Ferris (English, français and Deutsch)

  • 15 April 1999 Expelled and Bewildered by Nils Carstensen (English, français and Deutsch)

Sources for additional information A "Kosovo" folder containing the following items is available upon request
  • Statements of churches and religious communities in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
    • Serbian Orthodox Church statements
    • Other Yugoslav religious statements

  • Other ecumenical responses
    • ACT: WCC/LWF Ecumenical Humanitarian Programme
    • Selected church and national council statements

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