8th assembly/50th anniversary

eighth assembly of the
world council of churches
Harare, Zimbabwe, 3 - 14 December 1998

Because Christ
has chosen us to be friends,
because Christ
has appointed us to bear fruit that will last,
because Christ
has commanded us to love one another;
with God's help we are confident to say:

We intend
to stay together

We respond to the prayer of Jesus Christ that all may be one in order that the world may believe.

We are restless
to grow together in unity

Welcome to the archive site of the WCC's eighth assembly! Whether or not you were there, followed the assembly on our web site or just found out about it, there is something here for you! The resources archived here convey the feel of the assembly, provide ideas for use in your church or local congregation and aid you in ecumenical research.

Together on Holy Ground
an illustrated report on "what the assembly did"

Together on the Way
the official report of the assembly containing final versions of key texts, reports, statements and visions

Assembly Resources
  reports and statements
  worship in Harare
  photo resources
  press releases from Harare
  e-Jubilee assembly newspaper
  pre-assembly feature service
  pre-assembly resources

Decade Festival
of churches in solidarity with women

Jubilee Anniversary
archive of resources used to mark the 50th anniversary of the World Council of Churches

This cross, carved by David Mutasa from Harare, stood at the centre of the Harare worship tent.
Photo by Chris Black/WCC. Click on the photo to order (ref. 7014-20)







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