8th assembly/50th anniversary

Pre-assembly Feature Service

The following articles were published monthly during the year leading up to the eighth assembly. Not only was 1998 the year of the Harare Assembly, it was also the 50th anniversary of the WCC!

No.1: Happy Birthday WCC! by Marlin VanElderen
No.2: Turn to God - Rejoice in Hope, by Thomas F. Best
No.3: Why have an Assembly?, by Jean Stromberg
No.4: Journey of Faith, by John Newbury
No.5: Holy Work, by Peter Bouteneff
No.6: House of Stones, by Hugh McCullum
No.7: A Call to Conversion, by Miriam Reidy
No.8: The Challenge of a Jubilee Assembly and the Padare, by Myra Blyth
No.9: Celebrate and Pray, by John Newbury
No.10: Young People and the World Council of Churches, by Freddy Knutsen
No.11: Jubilee Expectations, by Konrad Raiser

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