8th assembly/50th anniversary

Final Committee Reports and Assembly Statements

Final committee reports and statements from the Harare assembly have been published in the official report, Together on the Way. For your convenience, you can also access them directly from this page.

Final Assembly Message:
- Being Together under the Cross in Africa

Public Issues Committee
- Statement on Child Soldiers
- Statement on the Status of Jerusalem
- Statement on Human Rights

Policy Reference Committee II:
- Response to the Africa Plenary
- Statement on Debt
- Statement on Globalization
- Response to the plenary concerning the Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women

Policy Reference Committee I:
- business, membership and relationships

Programme Guidelines Committee
- review of work and directions for the future

Finance Committee
- an analysis of the present situation

For a list of WCC presidents, officers and central committee members elected by the eighth assembly, click here.

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