8th assembly/50th anniversary

Press Releases from Harare

WCC press releases on the Decade Festival: Churches in Solidarity with Women and the Eighth Assembly were distributed to world media outlets as well as to the approximately 300 accredited journalists present at the assembly. Separate English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese releases covered events from the standpoint of what staff writers saw as most likely to interest readers in their regions.

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On the Festival...

No. 1: Ecumenical Decade Festival begins in Harare (27.11.98)
No. 2: Violence against women in the church acknowledged with liturgy and tears (28.11.98)
No. 3: Eminent women church leaders look beyond the Decade Festival - Part I (1.12.98)
No. 4 Festival Participants have long memories of other decades in the ecumenical movement - Part II (1.12.98)
No. 5 Ecumenical Decade Festival concludes with challenge to upcoming WCC Assembly (1.12.98)

On the Pre-Assembly Youth Event (PAYE)

No. 1: Pre-assembly youth gathering calls for WCC youth president (1.12.98)

On the Assembly

No. 2: World churches meet at foot of Africa's cross (3.12.98)
No. 3: Help us to regain our land (3.12.98)
No. 4: Profiteering versus prophecy (4.12.98)
No. 5: Moderator calls for violators of human rights to be brought to justic (4.12.98)
No. 6: WCC general secretary proposes new deal for Orthodox churches (4.12.98)
No. 7: Churches challenged to promote human rights education (5.12.98)
No. 8: Cancellation of debt should include dialogue, WCC leaders tell journalists (5.12.98)
No. 9: New admissions take WCC member churches to record level (5.12.98)
No. 10: Nations "must stop the slaughter in Sudan" (5.12.98)
No. 11: Praise and pomp at Zimbabwean churches celebration (6.12.98)
No. 12: WCC worshippers revel in Zimbabwe's raindbow of worship (6.12.98)
No. 13: Of unity in the new millennium (6.12.98)
No. 14: "Journalists have blood on their hands" -- Indigenous leader (6.12.98)
No. 15: Leading ecumenist dies (7.12.98)
No. 16: WCC Assembly debates role of women (7.12.98)
No. 17: Delegates attend Hearings (7.12.98)
No. 18: Media person preaches to WCC (8.12.98)
No. 19: Women and youth demand bigger role in WCC (8.12.98)
No. 20: Mugabe makes passionate appeal to WCC to help to create a fair world (8.12.98)
No. 21: Roman Catholic observer does not rule out future WCC membership for his church (8.12.98)
No. 22: World churches sway to African rhythms (9.12.98)
No. 23: African theologian questions depth of the continent's Christianity (9.12.98)
No. 24: CNN official defends international coverage (9.12.98)
No. 25: Special Fund grants 1998 (9.12.98)
No. 26: Differently-abled Padare features drama and discussion (9.12.98)
No. 27: Orthodox Church scholar says its criticisms of WCC are mistaken (10.12.98)
Mo. 28: Churches urged to campaign for return to state-controlled economies
No. 29: Schoolboy calls on churches to save oppressed children
No. 30: Gay Christians want sexuality studies in theological colleges
No. 31: Children who face the choice: work or die
No. 32: Orthodox and Evangelicals: a love story
No. 33: Zimbabwean men and the gender struggle
No. 34: "WCC must not be party to conspiracy of silence on genocide"
No. 35: Pinochet extradition decision hailed
No. 36: Churches urged to enter new millennium in an African spirit
No. 37: A Muslim messenger at the Assembly (11.12.98)
No. 38: Legal question postpones final resolution of Celestial Church membership in WCC (11.12.98)
No. 39: WCC Assembly elects Central Committee after sparring over gender and age balance (11.12.98)
No. 40: Assembly wants more churches to pay minimum fee (11.12.98)
No. 41: Polite applause, yawns and compaints greet first reading of Assembly message 11.12.98)
No. 42: Churches to issue declarations on human rights and Jerusalem (12.12.98)
No. 43: Boy soldiers forced to kill parents, churches told (12.12.98)
No. 44: WCC vows to share Africa's vision and tasks (13.12.98)
No. 45: WCC to set up commission on participation of Orthodox churches (13.12.98)
No. 46: WCC protests to Sudan over bombing of guest bishop's cathedral (13.12.98)
No. 47: Bulgarian Orthodox Church (13.12.98)
No. 48: Crisis or Christ, Archbishop Carey asks Harare congregation (13.12.98)
No. 49: WCC'S new central committee elects officers and executive committee (13.12.98)
No. 50: Mandela addresses WCC's Eighth Assembly (14.12.98)
No. 51: Church leaders exchange crosses to renew unity vows (14.12.98)
No. 52: WCC past and future honoured at 50th anniversary celebration (14.12.98)
No. 53: WCC presidents elected (14.12.98)
No. 54: WCC gives a message of hope (14.12.98)
No. 55: Assembly statue and symbol donated to councils (15.12.98)
No. 56: Assembly statements on world affairs (15.12.98)
No. 57: "Together, under the cross in Africa", Eighth Assembly comes to a close (15.12.98)

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