8th assembly/50th anniversary

Together on Holy Ground
popular report of the eighth assembly

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Words from past and present

"Christ has brought us here together at Amsterdam. We are one in acknowledging him as our God and Saviour. We are divided from one another not only in matters of faith, order and tradition, but also by pride of nation, class and race. But Christ has made us his own and he is not divided. In seeking him we find one another. Here in Amsterdam we have committed ourselves afresh to him, and have covenanted with one another in constituting this WCC. We intend to stay together. We call upon Christian congregations everywhere to endorse and fulfill this covenant in their relations with one another. In thankfulness to God, we commit the future to him."

First assembly of the World Council of Churches, Amsterdam, 1948

"The creation of the World Council of Churches 50 years ago was an act of faith.

Konrad Raiser, general secretary of the WCC

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From the Editor

Mandela's Visit Makes Assembly History
    Thousands flock to hear the legendary statesman

Assembly Snapshots

Dimensions of an African Assembly
    The setting challenged, disturbed, inspired
    by Hugh McCullum

    WCC Urged to Intervene for the Suffering in Sudan
    Missionaries: More then One Opinion
    Legacy of a Controversial Grant

Visible Unity: Struggling Towards an Elusive Goal
    Member churches do not always agree,
    but at least they are talking to each other and
    taking steps to enlarge the WCC umbrella

Just What Is "Globalization"?
    Multiple answers emerge in Harare
    by Carol J. Fouke

Breaking the Cycle of Debt
    Debt forgiveness linked with ending corruption

Defending Human Rights
    Genocide, persecution, proselytism condemned

    Sex -- Almost a Non-Issue

Women Challenge the Church
    Decade festival draws 1200
    by Carol J. Fouke

    Ordination of Women -- Still and Issue for Some

Mixed News on Finances
    Members urged to contribute

Central Committee, Presidents Elected
    Slates are short on women and youth
    by Jerry Van Marter

The Padare Experiment
    "Meeting place" was too big, but cordial

    50 Million Members and Growing

Inspiration Inside the Big Tent
    Assembly worship takes on a life of its own
    by Jerry Van Marter

Prayer, Bible Study, Sharing Times Get High Marks from Participants

Turn to God -- Rejoice in Hope
    Assembly theme inspires creative thinking

Heard in Harare







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