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Regular publications

International Review of Mission - IRM
Launched by the IMC as means of communication and for debate and study, IRM has the honour of being the oldest existing ecumenical journal on mission. It is published quarterly, in English, by WCC Publications. Click here for more information.

CONTACT - the health and community development magazine of the World Council of Churches. CONTACT deals with various aspects of the churches' and communities' involvement in health, and seeks to report topical, innovative and courageous approaches to the promotion of health and healing. Published in English, French and Spanish. Available online or by subscription.

Ecumenical Letter on Evangelism - published twice to four times a year in English, French and German; subscriptions and copies from Fernande Chandrasekharan of the Mission and Evangelism Team. Back issues of the Letter are available online in English, French, Spanish and German.

Other important publications:
Called to One Hope - The Gospel in Diverse Cultures - Report of the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
, 1996, edited by Christopher Duraisingh. English, available from WCC Publications. Click here for more information.

Towards Common Witness - A call to adopt responsible relationships in mission and to renounce proselytism - A document commended to the churches by the WCC Central Committee, September 1997. Available online in English, French, German and Spanish.

Gospel and Cultures Pamphlets - numbers 1-18. English, available from WCC Publications. Click here for more information.

AIDS resources

"HIV PREVENTION: Current issues and new technologies" (CONTACT no. 182, August 2006)
A collection of articles by HIV/AIDS authorities, experts and practitioners, the latest issue of the World Council of Churches (WCC) periodical on health issues, CONTACT, offers a comprehensive, state-of-the art overview of current issues and new technologies in the area of AIDS prevention targeted as much towards concerned church leaders and members as towards health professionals.

"Framework for engagement" - Greater participation of people living with HIV and AIDS in the life of the church :

Declarations and policy statements on HIV/AIDS by churches and faith-based organizations from 2001 to 2005 (April 2006)

Responses of the faith-based organisations to HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa (November 2003 WCC publication)

What is AIDS? A basic information booklet for health workers. 1987, revised 1989 & 1994 (28 pages). Small stock available from the Mission and Evangelism Team. (Information en français) (Información en espanol)

Churches and the HIV/AIDS pandemic: Analysis of the situation in 10 West/Central African countries, published by the WCC and the World Alliance of YMCAs, March 2001. Click here to a summary of this report. The complete report is available from the Mission and Evangelism Team. (Résumé en français)

The Churches Confronted with the Problem of HIV/AIDS: Analysis of the Situation in Six Countries of Eastern Africa (Ethiopia Kenya Rwanda Tanzania Uganda Zambia) Presented by Mutua Mulonzya
Complete report

Africa Praying: A Handbook on HIV/AIDS Sensitive Sermon Guidelines and Liturgy
Editor: Musa W. Dube
This resource book has been produced to assist the church and its leaders to realize their full potential in the HIV/AIDS struggle.
Contributing Writers: Isabel Apawo Phiri, Ezra Chitando, Tinyiko S. Maluleke, Felicidade Chirenda, Canon Gideon Byamugisha, Gladies Jeco, Prince Moiseraela Dibeela, Fulata L. Moyo, Musa W. Dube, Augustine C. Musopole, Cheryl Dibeela.

Learning about AIDS. A manual for pastors and teachers by Birgitta Rubenson, 1989. Second revision 2002. Designed for teachers, pastors and youth leaders, this booklet gives the main facts about the disease as well as some ideas on how to inform about AIDS. It also gives some guidellines on counselling and supporting people with HIV/AIDS and their families.

HIV/AIDS and the Curriculum: Methods of integrating HIV/AIDS in theological programmes, edited by Musa W. Dube is a collection of essays that "represents our efforts in the continent of Africa to contribute towards the struggle against HIV/AIDS". The collection came out of workshops to train theological educators on how to implement the HIV/AIDS curriculum in their educational institutions. It is also for those in the church who need to deal with HIV/AIDS in their preaching, Sunday-school sessions and liturgy.



A "Plan of Action", developed by African and international church leaders and African ecumenical organizations at a November 2001 global consultation on "Ecumenical Responses to the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Africa" in Nairobi, called for the setting up of an enabling support structure under the WCC, now known as the EHAIA. (en français) (en español) (en portugues)

Facing AIDS - The Challenge, the Churches' Response - a WCC Study Document. Available from WCC Publications (1997). Click here for more information. (Information en français)

Facing AIDS - Guidelines: Education in the Context of Vulnerability HIV/AIDS. Click here for more information. Available from the Mission and Evangelism Team. (en français) ( en espanol)

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