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    "While the critical situation in Darfur has faded from the media spotlight, massive humanitarian response and international political pressure needs to be maintained and increased.

    The situation in Darfur is the worst humanitarian crisis currently in the world. It is a catastrophe of human creation... To understand how a human-made tragedy of this proportion has come about, it is necessary to understand the background of the region."
    - Advocacy update on the situation in Darfur, Western Sudan (August 2004)
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    "The Sudan is now in the midst of an historic and exciting time. Long-awaited peace is finally emerging, and a nation that has experienced war and strife for many generations is preparing itself for reconstruction and the advent of peace...

    War has engulfed this country for all but a short period of times since its independence in 1956. Estimates are that 2.5 – 3 million people have died as a result of the war, and over 4 million have had to flee their homes... this conflict now finally appears to be ending."
    - Assembly of the Sudan Ecumenical Forum (Limuru, Kenya, June 2004)
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    Action by Churches Together (ACT) International and Caritas Internationalis have joined forces to respond to the ongoing humanitarian emergency in Sudan's Darfur Province.

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