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    1. Action by Churches Together (ACT) International
    2. BBC News / In depth/ 2004 / Sudan
    3. The ICRC in Sudan
    4. International Crisis Group - Sudan
    5. ReliefWeb - Sudan
    6. United States Institute of Peace - Sudan
    7. Sudan Infonet

    Links to recent news reports,
    papers and statements related to Sudan

    November 2004:

    1. Darfur: BBC Report
      5-11-2004 “Darfur ‘close to anarchy’ says UN” The United Nations envoy to Sudan has warned that Sudan's Darfur region is heading towards anarchy due to increasing violence.
    2. Darfur: BBC Report
      3-11-2004 “Sudan defends forced relocation” “Sudan's government has defended the forcible relocation of refugees from camps in the western Darfur region.”
    3. Darfur: BBC Report
      1-11-2004 “Sudanese rebels ‘may quit talks’” “A Sudanese rebel group from Darfur has threatened to quit peace talks in Nigeria, saying government attacks against villages are still continuing”.

    October 2004:

    1. Darfur: BBC Report
      21-10-2004 “The African Union (AU) has agreed to increase its military force in Sudan's troubled Darfur region from under 400 to more than 3,000.”
    2. Darfur: "ICRC: Villages facing famine: BBC report"
      18-10-2004 “Rural communities in the Darfur region of Sudan are facing an unprecedented food crisis, according to the international Red Cross.”
    3. & the ICRC's press release
      20-10-2004 “A serious food shortage is threatening people living in rural Darfur owing to the current insecurity and the insufficient rains in the region this year.”
    4. BBC report: discussions of power-sharing and federalisation:
      18-10-2004 “Sudan's government has conceded that the best solution to the bitter conflict in Darfur may be to allow the region to run its own internal affairs.”
    5. Naivasha suspended for Ramadan
    6. New attacks
      15-10-2004 UN news service “UN receives new reports of attacks against displaced persons in Darfur, Sudan”
    7. Bonn International Centre for Conversion (BICC ) paper 37 - "Rejuvenating or Restraining Civil War: The Role of External Economic Actors in the War Economies of Sudan" by former BICC research associate Scott Lewis
    8. The latest International Crisis Group report, (October 5) titled "Sudan's dual crisis: Refoccussing on IGAD
    9. The "Prospects for Peace" Sudan monthly briefing for the period September 2004








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