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    UN Reform: Keeping up the pressure for change
    How can the churches make a difference?

    Wednesday 11 January – Friday 13 January 2006
    Church Centre for the UN
    777 UN Plaza, New York (44th St and 1st Ave)

    Draft agenda

    Day 1: Wednesday 11 January

    9.00am Morning prayer, Bible study and reflection. Rev. Dr Larry Bropleh

    10.00am Introduction from Mr Peter Weiderud

    10.30-11.00am Coffee

    11.00am Plenary: Moderator Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat

    Series of 5-7 minute presentations of key discussion points regarding the concerns of the churches on the following aspects of the UN reform process:

    • Helsinki Process – Rev. Dr Konrad Raiser
    • Post summit state of UN reform – Ms Katherine Nightingale
    • Human Rights Council – Mr Peter Prove
    • Security Council – Dr Hella Hoppe
    • Civil Society Participation – Mr Joseph Donnelly
    • Disarmament – Mr Ernie Regehr
    • Poverty and sustainable development – Dr Rogate Mshana

    Points of clarification

    1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch

    2.00pm In-depth discussion in three thematic groups: Moderator Rev Shirley DeWolf

    • Security and reform
      Rev Shirley DeWolf, Mr Ernie Regehr, Mr Peter Weiderud, Mr Jonathan Frerichs, Rev. Dr Tom Butler, Rev. Dr Larry Bropleh, Ms Salpy Eskidjian, Ambassadar Kiplagat
    • Development and reform
      Mr John Langmore, Rev Dr Konrad Raiser, Rev Juan Abelardo Schvindt, Mr Albert Gyan, Ms Lois Dauway, Mr Joseph Donnelly, Dr Rogate Mshana
    • Human rights and reform
      Mr Peter Prove, Ms Jenny Zetterqvist, Dr Theodor Rathgeber, Ms Tamara Qumsiya, Mr Lopeti Senituli, Dr Hella Hoppe, Ms Katherine Nightingale

    To be considered as cross-cutting issues: institutional reform and the role of religion and religious organizations at the UN.

    Focus question: What should the churches ask for at this time on this issue? Recommendations and concerns.

    4.15pm Coffee

    4.45pm Reporting back to the group

    6.30pm Close

    Date: Thursday, 12 January, 2006
    Time: 1:15 – 2:45 PM
    Venue: Conf. Room 3, United Nations HQ, NY

    Keynote speaker:
    H.E. Mr Jan Eliasson – president of the General Assembly

    Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat, Kenya – moderator CCIA, WCC
    Rev. Dr Konrad Raiser, Germany – former WCC general secretary
    Ms Salpy Eskidjian, Cyprus – Life and Peace Institute

    Ms Lois Dauway – vice moderator CCIA, World Council of Churches

    “Stuck in the mud? Well . . . untie your sandals!”
    An ecumenical worship service to revive, transform and enliven us all for the challenge of this hour.

    Time: 5:45pm,
    Venue: The Tillman Chapel Church Center for the UN,
    777 UN Plaza (44th St. / 1st Ave.)

    Time: 7:00pm,
    Venue: 2nd floor Church Center – UN

    Day 2: Thursday 12 January

    8.45am Opening prayer and focus of the day

    9.00am Plenary discussion on the reports from the working group.
    Moderator: Mr John Langmore

    10.30am Coffee

    11.00am Preparation for the afternoon plenary and meetings with key missions

    12.00 midday Lunch

    1.00pm-3pm In the UN for the public plenary from 1.15-2.45pm

    3.30pm-5.15pm Meeting in the Church Center with key missions

    5.45pm Service “Stuck in the mud? Well…untie your sandals!” An ecumenical workshop service to revive, transform and enliven us all for the challenge of this hour. Sponsored by the Ecumenical Working Group to the UN.7pm – Reception

    Day 3: Friday 13 January

    8.45am Opening prayer and focus of the day

    9.00am Work on the statement in thematic groups: Moderator Rev. Dr Tom Butler

    10.00am Plenary discussion and work on the statement
    (with coffee break at 11.15am)

    12.30 Lunch

    2.00pm Closing discussion, recommendations for advocacy or future work and evaluation.
    Moderator Mr Peter Weiderud.

    4.00pm Closing prayer: Seminar ends









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