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International affairs, peace
and human security

  • UN liaison office in New York

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  • History
  • 2004 WCC UN Advocacy Week
  • 2003 WCC UN Advocacy Week

  • WCC United Nations liaison office - NETWORKS

  • NGO Working Group on the Security Council
  • Faith-based caucus for the International Criminal Court
  • International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
  • Ecumenical Network on Small Arms (ENSA)
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons Working Group of the Steering Committee on Humanitarian Response (SCHR)
  • APRODEV Working Group on Small Arms
  • Special NGO Committee on Disarmament
  • UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations
  • Inter-sessional Working Group on a draft Declaration of Indigenous Peoples' Rights
  • Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples
  • Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EEA) on trade
  • Jubilee movement
  • Ecumenical working group at the UN

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