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  • 2004 WCC UN Advocacy Week
  • 2003 WCC UN Advocacy Week

  • WCC United Nations liaison office (UNLO) - FOCAL AREAS
    Security Council / Disarmament / Environment/ Economic Justice / Impunity / Indigenous Peoples

    Work with the Security Council in response to conflicts

  • by UNLO

  • UNLO seeks to improve the international community’s capacity to address conflicts before they explode into violence and to mediate violent conflicts through negotiation;urge the international community to resolve armed conflicts peacefully; identify human rights violations and try to prevent violence and humiliation against civilians; promote solidarity with churches and communities caught up in conflicts and war.
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    Work on disarmament

  • by UNLO
  • by WCC/International Affairs

  • UNLO seeks to encourage NATO governments to renounce their reliance on nuclear weapons; urge states to implement the 13 Steps toward complete disarmament and fulfil their obligations under the NPT; promote the adoption of non-military approaches to peace and security; and encourage and support initiatives aiming at overcoming violence.
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    Global warming threatens the very existence of small island nations.

    (Above) An Israeli solder stops Jerusalem Christian church leaders at a checkpoint (April 2002)
    A demonstration against economic imperialism at the2003 World Social Forum in Mumbai, India

    Work on environment
  • by UNLO
  • by WCC/Justice, Peace & Creation

  • UNLO seeks to assess critically and bring alternative approaches to the negotiations and debate on sustainable development; urge governments to carry forward the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, by taking forceful steps to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions; and to achieve accountability as a way of being responsible towards one another and Earth itself.
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    Work on economic justice
  • by UNLO
  • by WCC/Justice, Peace & Creation

  • UNLO seeks to contribute to the follow-up to the International Conference on Financing for Development; encourage states to implement agreements and commitments reached at that conference; promote issues such as poverty eradication, just international trade, and debt cancellation; and also to provide an ecumenical platform to respond to the consequences of economic globalization.
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    Work on impunity
  • by UNLO
  • by WCC/International Affairs

  • UN seeks to contribute to the moral, ethical and religious considerations surrounding the ICC; raise awareness at the grassroots level and helping to shape the ICC; strengthen the links with sectors of the international community involved in issues relating to impunity; and provide a platform for reflecting on the moral, political and ethical dimensions of impunity.
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    Work on Indigenous People
  • by UNLO
  • by WCC/Justice, Peace & Creation

  • UNLO seeks to promote awareness of the issues and concerns of Indigenous Peoples; strive to bring the cultural dimension of Indigenous People, especially their different languages and ways of expressing themselves to the UN; and affirm indigenous peoples' ancestral knowledge, identity and contributions to caring for the Earth.
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