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The Peace to the City Network grew out of a campaign of the same name that began in August 1997 and culminated in December 1998. The network was active until 2002; its members - churches, peace and justice organizations, faith communities and civil society movements - continue to work within the framework of the Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010).

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Overcoming Violence: WCC Statements and Actions 1994-2000

Overcoming Violence: A Challenge to the Church in All Places, by Margot Kässmann

Transforming Violence: Linking Local and Global Peacemaking, edited by Judy Zimmerman Herr and Robert Herr

Peace in troubled cities. Creative Models of Building Community Amidst Urban Violence, by Daphne Sabanes Plou

Say No to Guns: Stop the Killing

Abolish Nuclear Weapons: Protect Creation

Ban Landmines: The Invisible Killer

Overcome Divisions: Seek Reconciliation

Prevent Conflict: Ready to Talk, Ready to Listen

Teach Peace: Promote Non-Violence


Theological Perspectives on Violence/Non-Violence, Programme to Overcome Violence/ Faith & Order Consultation, Boston, USA, April 1998.

A Message of Hope. Speech Prepared for the Launch of the Peace to the City Campaign, 31 August, 1997, Johannesburg, South Africa, by Rev. Jeffrey Brown.

Peace to the City Campaign: report of the Consultation on the Programme to Overcome Violence, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 13-18 April 1996.

Overcoming the spirit, logic and practice of war, background document prepared for WCC Central Committee, Johannesburg, January 1994.

Some thoughts on the Programme to Overcome Violence and the Peace to the City Campaign, by Konrad Raiser (WCC Central Committee background document, January 1994).

Recommendations regarding the Programme to Overcome Violence, WCC Central Committee, South Africa, January 1994.

Peace on earth: new visions and new praxis. Address at the Corrymeela Consultation on Non-Violent Approaches to Conflict Resolution by Konrad Raiser, 2 June, 1994.

Programme to Overcome Violence: Assumptions and Principles, Board of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs document, June 1994.

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