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The Peace to the City Network grew out of a campaign of the same name that began in August 1997 and culminated in December 1998. The network was active until 2002; its members - churches, peace and justice organizations, faith communities and civil society movements - continue to work within the framework of the Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010).

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OVERCOMING VIOLENCE: WCC Statements and Actions 1994-2000
2nd Edition edited by Salpy Eskidjian, Sarah Estabrooks, 2000

OVERCOMING VIOLENCE: A Challenge to the Church in All Places
by Margot Kässmann 86 pp.
This handbook outlines the evolution of the World Council of Churches' agenda to overcome violence from 1994 to the present. It includes a collection of central documents that have framed the making of the Decade to Overcome Violence, outlining official recommendations and statements regarding the Programme to Overcome Violence, the Peace to the City Campaign and the basic architecture of the Decade.

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In 1997 the WCC established a Programme to Overcome Violence. But what can the churches do together to overcome violence in the home, on the streets, in the media? When conflicting national and ethnic aspirations often seem to lead to repression of armed revolution, can the church live out the conviction that war is contrary to the will of God? What resources for nonviolent resolution of conflicts can they find in the Bible and their theological traditions? This book explores the opportunities and difficulties linked with the vocation of non-violence.

2-8254-1228-7, SFR 9.90 (US£6.95, £4.50). WCC Publications, Risk Book Series.
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Creative Models of Building Community Amidst Urban Violence
by Daphne Sabanes Plou, 140pp.
Linking Local and Global Peacemaking
edited by Judy Zimmerman Herr and Robert Herr, foreword by Konrad Raiser. 250 pp.
It is in cities around the world that the destructive forces of violence in today's world are perhaps most visible. At the same time, cities are also the places where courageous groups are working imaginatively to rebuild community out of situations of alienation, violence and hopelessness. This book recounts stories of creative community engagement emerging from the WCC's Peace to the City Campaign.

2-8254-1256-2 SFR 15.00 (US$9.95, £6.50). WCC Publications, Risk Book Series.
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A collection of essays on the biblical and theological background for peacemaking, with practical examples from local and global settings, by noted writers from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. This book is a project of the Historic Peace Churches and the Fellowship of Reconciliation in support of the Programme to Overcome Violence.

Herald Press: Scottsdale Pennsylvania, USA. SFR 15.00 (US$9.99, £6.50)
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