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Gebete und Botschaften für den Frieden im Nahen Osten
ÖRK-Materialsammlung für die 2002-Kampagne


  • Gewalt überwinden: Eine Dekade des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen
    veröffentlicht vom Lutherisches Verlagshaus GmbH
    Bestellung: Tel. (+49 0511) 1241739; Fax: (+49 0511) 3681098; e-mail
    Preis: DM 19.30

  • Frieden lernen
    veröffentlicht vom Schweizerischem Ökumenischen Friedensprogramme
    Bestellung: Tel./fax(+41 62) 844.39.07; e-mail
    Preis: sfr 5

    nur in Englisch

  • Restorative Justice: Towards Nonviolence
    by Rev. Virginia Mackey, December 1997
    Published by the Presbyterian Criminal Justice Program (USA)
    To order, request PDS 72-630-96-705
    Tel: (+1 800 )524.26.12; Fax: (+1 502) 569.80.30
    Price: Free. Available in English

  • My Peace I Give to You
    by World Alliance of YMCAs, June 2000
    To order, contact YMCA, Geneva Switzerland
    Tel: (+41 22) 849.51.00; Fax: (+41 22) 849.51.10; e-mail
    Price: Single copy free, fee for bulk orders
    Available in English, Spanish and French

  • The One Who Showed Mercy (This study guide intended for use by congregations, Sunday school classes and other small groups, highlights Jesus' call to move beyond predictable actions.)
    by Iris de Leon-Hartshorn, Tutus Peachey and Kristin Reimer
    Published by the Mennonite Central Committee
    To request a free copy, send an e-mail to or telephone +1 (717) 859-1151
    Length: 24 page, in English
    Price: free of charge

  • Our Prayers Rise Like Incense: Liturgies for Peace
    edited by Cindy Pile, August 1998
    Published by Pax Christi (USA)
    To order: request publication number 542-413 from Publisher
    Tel: (+1 814) 453.49.55; e-mail
    Available in English
    Price: US$25.00 (+US$1.50 for postage)

  • Aikyatha: December 2000 issue
    published by the Student Christian Movement of India
    This is the movement's monthly publication
    To order: request from publisher
    Tel: (+91 222)3761; Fax: (+91 221)5606; e-mail

  • "Moving beyond sectarianism" educational resource packs
    published by the Irish School of Ecumenics
    on "Youth and school" (by Yvonne Naylor) and "Continuing learning" (by Craig Sands)
    To order: request from publisher
    Tel.:(+353 1) 294 2556; Fax: (+353 1) 294 2564; e-mail
    + resource pack on ,"Religion, conflict and reconciliation in Northern Ireland" (by Joseph Liechty & Cecilia Clegg) published by Columba Press
    To order: request from publisher
    Tel (+353 1) 294 2556
    Fax (+353 1) 294 2564 E-mail E-mail
  • ÖRK-Verlag
    (nur in Englisch und erhältlich von ÖRK-Verlag)

    Overcoming Violence: The Challenge to the Churches in All Places
    by Margot Kässmann
    112pp, CHF11.50, US$7.50, £4.90. Revised edition 2000

    Peace in Troubled Cities: Creative Models of Building Community Amidst Urban Violence
    by Dafne Plou
    140 pp, CHF15.00, US$9.95, £6.50

    Transforming Violence: Linking Local and Global Peacemaking
    edited by Robert Herr and Judy Zimmerman Herr, Foreword by Konrad Raiser
    256 pp, CHF15.00, US$9.99, £6.50. Published by Herald Press, 616 Walnut Avenue, Scotdale, PA 15683-1999, USA, but also available through WCC Publications

    Memories of Christian adults of childhood bully experiences: Implications for adult religious self-understanding
    web article by Ronald Hecker Cram
    download here

    UNOY African peace-building toolkit
    web article in English and French from UNOY, the United Nations of Youth Foundation - a global network of young peace-builders
    download here

    Directory of organizations for conflict prevention in Asia and the Pacific
    online directory in English and Japanese
    Download here

    Dialogue webpage for conflicts worldwide
    This page, developed by the Japan Center for Preventive Diplomacy, aims to contribute to the improvement of mutual understanding on opposing sides of conflicts by providing a forum for dialogue
    Send an E-mail with "DWCW newsletter subscription" written in the subject box
    or download here

    (Diese Kurse für Friedensarbeit und Konfliktforschung sind meistens nur in Englische erhältlich, manchmal auch in anderen Sprachen)

    Isis-Women’s International Cross-Cultural Exchange
    Plot 32 Bukuto Street, Kamwokya
    P.O.Box 4934, Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: (+256 41)54.39.53; Fax: (+256 41)54.39.54; e-mail

  • The Isis-WICCE Exchange Programme aims at enabling women activists working on women’s human rights issues to exchange skills strategies and begin to build future networks

    Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre
    88 Gordon St., P.O.Box 12882
    Suva, Fiji
    Tel: +679 313 300; Fax: +679 313 659; e-mail

  • Training on gender violence in the contemporary Pacific context: Rape - Domestic Violence - Child sexual abuse - Sexual Harrassment
  • International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR)
    Spoorstraat 38, 1815 BK Alkmaar, the Netherlands
    Tel: (+31 72) 512.30.14; Fax: (+31 72) 515.11.02; e-mail; Website
  • IFOR has established the Nonviolence Education and Training Program (NVETP)
  • Regional branches of IFOR exist in many countries throughout the world and can be located by contacting the IFOR office in Netherlands.

    Non Violent Action and Strategies For Social Change (NOVSAC)
    9 Routledge St., Milton Park
    P.O.Box CY 369, Causeway, Harare-Zimbabwe
    Tel:(+263 4)72.21.68; Fax:(+263 4) 70.31.22; e-mail

  • Training in non-violent negotiations skills
  • Training in capacity-building
  • NOVSAC aims to build a national network of mediators drawn from many relevant sectors of society.
  • Videos und Musik
    The "Resolving conflict creatively" video series is currently being used by over 800 schools and community groups worldwide. Titles are available individually or as a set, containing four videos, three detailed manuals and two student handout booklets:
  • Resolving conflict creatively in the school community: negotiation and mediation - 2 videos, 52 minutes total, with a teachers' manual and student handouts. Price: USD$425; CAD$595
  • Resolving conflict creatively in the multi-cultural community: inter-cultural mediation - 24-minutes video with a teachers' manual and student handouts. Price: USD$180; CAD$125.
  • Resolving conflict creatively between victims and youth offenders: diversion and transformation - 2 videos, 2 hours total. Price: USD$270; CAD$375
    Box set price: USD$425; CAD$595
    Order from the publisher: Triune Arts, 579 Kingston Road, Suite 107, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 1R3 Canada
  • Establishing a peer mediation program: guidelines for students who wish to establish such a programme in their schools. This web page designed by the D&L Freedom Group Inc. is available free of charge. Download from

    Annotated bibliography of materials in conflict resolution for youth: a list of books and resources from Canada and the US that deal with conflict resolution for children, teens and families. This web page is available free of charge from

    Description of programs and services in conflict resolution for youth in the provinces and territories: a list of programmes and services in conflict resolution for children and teens in canada, organized by province, including programme descriptions and contact information. This web page is available free of charge from

    ÖRK-Videos und Musik
  • Die Musik zum Ballett Friede für die Stadt
    Die Musik zum Ballett: Eine wunderbare Suite für Violine, Violoncello, Klavier und Gesangsstimme
    sfr.20,- , US$ 12,90, £8,50, Euros 13,--

    nur in Englisch

  • Video: A Living Church: Faith and Dreams in Albania
    After 23 years of religious persecution, the church in Albania was in an appalling state. The story of the its dramatic renaissance in the decade that followed, led by Archbishop Anastasios, one of the most visionary leaders of the world-wide church, is told in image and interview.
    46 min., available in PAL or NTSC, CHF29.50, US$19.50, + postage
  • Journey to Jubilee - 50 Years of the World Council of Churches
    A short film tracing the history of the WCC from its first assembly in 1948 up to its 50th anniversary.
    Length: 27 min. Available in PAL or NTSC. CHF29.50, US$ 19.50, plus postage
  • Peace to the City: Stories of Hope
    Seven 30-minute videos describe seven cities' imaginative efforts to build bridges between and reconcile communities in conflict. Complete series available in English. The 23-minute introduction is available in English, French, Spanish, and German.
    Complete series in English: 233 min. Available in PAL or NTSC, CHF 30.00, US$20.00
    Introduction in French (PAL or SECAM), Spanish (PAL or NTSC) or German (PAL): CHF19.50, US$12.50
  • Zentralausschuss 2001: Dokumente
  • Botschaft anlässlich der Eröffnung der Dekade zur Überwindung von Gewalt: Kirchen für Frieden und Versöhnung
  • Der Schutz gefährdeter Bevölkerungsgruppen in Situationen bewaffneter Gewalt: ein ökumenischer ethischer Ansatz
  • Dokument PI 2 rev.: Der Schutz gefährdeter Bevökerungsgruppen in Situationen bewaffneter Gewalt: ein ökumenischer ethischer Ansatz
  • >Erklärung zur nuklearen Abrüstung, zur NATO-Politik und der Haltung der Kirchen
  • Vorbereitungspapiere

    Botschaft des Zentralausschusses des ÖRK, 1999, über die Dekade

    Ein Rahmenkonzept für die Dekade zur Überwindung von Gewalt - vom ÖRK-Zentralausschuss angenommenes Arbeitsdokument (1999)

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