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Staying Together
celebrating more than 50 years

Staying Together is an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the World Council of Churches (1948 - 1998). The exhibition debuted at the Harare Assembly in Zimbabwe and was on display at the WCC headquarters in Geneva. Click to any of the following exhibition themes for a look back in words and images on the life and work of the fellowship of member churches ...

We find one another
A church of the stranger
Open to one another
The forces of death, the gift of life
An offence against God
In the service of the churches
People in need: our neighbours
Education by and for the whole church
A renewed human community
The way of the cross
The announcement of the kingdom of God
An encounter of commitments
Our eucharistic vision
No ecumenism without conversion
A kind of global unity
The ministry of reconciliation
A resistance movement against fatalism
Being healed, proclaiming healing
The test of our ecumenical vocation
To strengthen solidarity with women

The collages in Staying Together were designed by Sergio Centano of Puerto Rico. Accompanying texts were written by Marlin VanElderen, then-senior editor with WCC Communication. All images are from WCC archives and Keystone.

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