A Newsletter of the Ecumenical Network of churches in solidarity with people compelled by sever political, economic and social conditions to leave their land and culture.
Uprooted People provides coverage of information and action relating to refugees, migrants and internally displaced people. It is published every three months by the International Affairs, Peace & Human Security team of the World Council of Churches. Since 1998, the newsletter has been published on the web. The following back issues are available:

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Uprooted people are those who are forced to leave their communities: those who flee because of persecution and war, those who are forcibly discplaced because of environmental devastation and those who are compelled to seek sustenance in a city or abroad because they cannot survive at home... World Council of Churches policy statement, 1995.

Articles may be freely reproduced providing that acknowledgement is made to Uprooted People, a publication of the International Affairs, Peace & Human Security team, World Council of Churches. Questions, concerns, suggestion, etc. may be forwarded directly to Elizabeth Ferris, editor.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) serves as the global forum for over 330 national Protestant and Orthodox member churches in over 100 countries. The Roman Catholic Church is not a member, though it works cooperatively with WCC.

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