Peace to the City Dance -- Inspired by Inspiring Peace

Peace to the City Dance is a contemporary chamber ballet produced from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that gives movement and voice to efforts of local groups around the world to build a culture of peace.

Based on the Peace to the City Campaign of the World Council of Churches, the production is a contribution to the Decade to Overcome Violence: Churches Seeking Reconciliation and Peace (2001-2010).

Following its world premier at the World Exposition in Hannover in September 2000, the production will go on a global tour hosted by local churches and organizations.

Seeking to blend the local with the global, the performance can be part of a longer programme that includes local expressions drawing upon experiences of violence and efforts to build peace in the hosting community.

Performance time: 50 minutes

The performance can be combined with a 20-30 minute classical/contemporary music concert by Trio Aquarius.

Lusmarina Campos Garcia and Marcia Milhazes can lead workshops to help young people and local groups set up their own artistic production.

Bring the tour to your city!
For information about the global tour, contact:

Sara Speicher or Karin Achtelstetter

For more information consult the following:

CD: Peace to the City - A song for Peace

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