8th assembly/50th anniversary

Together on the Way
8.8. A Letter from Children

We, the children of the world, constructing the international Global Ecumenical Children's Network, gather here in Harare, Zimbabwe, on 9 December 1998. We are here to challenge the World Council of Churches and its member churches to give their moral, financial and spiritual support to our network.

We, the children, cannot overstress the urgency to engage in direct, immediate and drastic action to help our suffering peers around the world.

We have already presented our concerns to Unit IV and the WCC's 1997 and 1998 central committees. As a result of those meetings many plans of action for children have emerged. However, we do not lack "plans"; instead, we are in dire need of action.

As a result of the above, we challenge the assembly of the World Council of Churches and all its member churches to do the following:

We, the children, want to congratulate the World Council of Churches for its leadership role on an international level in fostering youth protagonism. However, we wish to remind the WCC that we are only at the beginning of the long walk into the new millennium in which we "turn to God and rejoice in hope."

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