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Third Report of the Nominations Committee

On Tuesday, 7 December 1998, the second report of the Nominations Committee was revised the prepared report to become a progress report. The Moderator reported dissatisfaction with the 33.3% of women in the proposed slate for the new Central Committee. Rather than distributing the prepared report No 2.1, the Moderator gave an oral report on overall statistics. And, the Committee sensed that the Assembly desired that it continues its work in the hope of improving the balances.

You will find in the accompanying report and slate of the Nominations Committee the fruit of our labour to be faithful in the task of seeking appropriate balances, taking into consideration all rules and guidelines and suggested additional changes.

The composition of the slate we present to you shows the following:

It also includes representatives of Indigenous peoples from the list received from the Indigenous Caucus. They are in the following regions Asia, Latin America, North America and the Pacific. The Committee feels that additional names of indigenous people are in the list in front of you.

Concerning families of churches, the percentages are as follows:

Anglican 10.0 %
Baptist 4.7 %
Free, Pentecostal, African Instituted 6.7 %
Lutheran 8.6 %
Methodist 10.0 %
Orthodox 24.6 %
Others 6.7 %
Reformed 22.0 %
United and Uniting 6.7 %

The number of outgoing Central Committee members being proposed for re-election in order to ensure continuity is 27 (18%) . The percentage of re-election from Nairobi to Vancouver was 27%, and from Vancouver to Canberra was 26%. You may find further statistics details in the enclosed report.

With appreciation for the privilege of serving the 8th Assembly of the WCC, the Nominations Committee presents this third and final report of the list of nominations for the New Central Committee for your election.

Concluding Recommendations
As you are aware, the competing values and influences of balances and representations of member communions make the challenge of reaching the set goals more difficult. In the light of the increasing number of churches being admitted into membership of the WCC, the Committee strongly recommends that this Assembly directs the new Central Committee to review the nomination process with a view to:

  1. Ensuring a process whereby all churches within a region alternate for membership in the Central Committee. It would be helpful to develop a Nominations Committee handbook to reflect suggested patterns for rotation in the regions;
  2. Limiting the number of terms served by a particular person;
  3. Giving further consideration to the maximum number of seats available to any one church;
  4. Outlining the procedures for securing and determining nominees for the Presidents.
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