number 6, december 10, 1998

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Capoeira, their way to move around campus

Viva Rio brought to the WCC assembly this week some young people who take part in the Civilian Volunteer Program in Brazil -- and this is the sort of dancing action they provided (pictured)..

Back home, Flavio Soares, Michelle Santos, Walson Silva and Alberto Corado are finishing school and learning about issues such as human rights, computer science and how to run a small business.

The are also experts in Capoeira, a dance/fight which was developed by the slaves in Brazil and has now become very popular all over the country.

The young people from Viva Rio love Capoeira and they love to share it with others. In Harare, they also want to show how the Civilian Volunteer Program is helping them through the difficulties in their lives.

Flavio, Michelle, Walson and Alberto symbolise the hope for a better future for the city of Rio. They were keen to meet up with people from other cities which are partners in the Peace to the City campaign, linked to the WCC Program to Overcome Violence.

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