number 8, december 12, 1998

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Mandela to attend assembly tomorrow

President Nelson Mandela will join the WCC assembly for the WCC’s 50th anniversary celebrations tomorrow afternoon.

The South African president will be available, although it was expected earlier that Deputy President Thabo Mbeki, would attend.

Mr Robert Mugabe, as host head of state, will also be present.

The afternoon’s program has been moved up to begin promptly at 2.15pm, and because of the presence of President Mandela and President Mugabe, delegates are requested to be in their seats by 2pm.

To give recognition to those who have attended and supported previous assemblies, everyone who attended Amsterdam, Evanston, New Delhi, Uppsala, Nairobi, Vancouver and Canberra as their first assembly are asked to collect a special ribbon outside the Great Hall from 1.30pm to honour them. These people will be given a special place to sit in the Great Hall.

Delegates to the Harare assembly will also be given ribbons and a place to sit in the Great Hall.

Special Great Hall seats will also be available for leaders of communions and heads of churches, as well as former central committee members.

Additional seating in the Great Hall will be available for special guests and staff on a first come first served basis.

All visitors are invited to join in the celebration in the visitors tent.

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8th Assembly and 50th Anniversary

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