number 7, december 11, 1998

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Polygamy issue resolved

The question of polygamy and clergy in the Celestial Church of Christ has apparently been resolved, and the Policy Reference Committee I has decided to recommend that it receive full WCC membership, according to a document released yesterday.

In its interim report, presented to the full assembly last Saturday, the Policy Reference Committee recommended that the decision to accept the church into the WCC be postponed.

A sub-committee formed to look into the matter ascertained that the church in the past admitted polygamous clergy but in 1986 ruled that all new clergy must live a monogamous marriage.

According to a statement from the Celestial Church of Christ, whose founder the Rev. SBJ Oshoffa died in 1986, has its headquarters in Nigeria and is present in several West African countries, Europe, North America and Guyana. It claims a membership of about six million.

The church’s first leadership included artisans, fishermen, tailors, carpenters, automobile mechanics and wristwatch repairers.

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