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Summary of projects receiving grants from the
World Council of Churches Special Fund to Combat Racism 2000

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Nigeria, US$ 6,000
MOSOP, founded in 1990, is an umbrella organization to campaign for the rights of the Ogoni people particularly in the protection of their human rights, environment and culture.

South African Council of Churches, South Africa, US$ 7,000
A grant to develop their work of assistance to assist victims and perpetrators involved in the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission with counseling and life skills.

Christian Conference of Asia, Hong Kong, SAR, China, US$ 5,000
A grant for a special program to combat racism in Asia, with training in empowering people in cultural, economic and political rights, anti-racism training, net-working to strengthen national movement and organizations and national movement of inter-faith to abolish all form of discrimination in public policy; for legal advocacy and support of legal activities for equality ; for support of public issues on racism and Indigenous People through use of Internet. This programme will be in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand during 2001-2004.

Meeting Centre for Reflection & Solidarity, (ONE RESPE), Republic of Dominica, US$ 6,000
The organization is actively involved in analyzing racism as it is expressed against Haitians in the Dominican Republic. They have done that through contact with the community as well as the analysis of reports of cases of racism produced by NGOs working with the Haitian population in the country.

Ecumenical Commission for Refugees in the Czech Republic, Czech Rep.US$ 6,000
The grant will improve the capacity of the Commission in dealing with increasing problems related to racism/xenophobia and improve its capacity to put pressure on the Slovak government to improve the situation of Roma people.

Comision Ecumenica Nacional de Combate Al Racismo (CENACORA),Brasil, US$ 5,000
For many years this organization has been a point of reference in the struggle against racism among the churches. The areas of gender, human rights, overcoming violence, especially violence against women and children, have become main focuses of the organization. The grant will support a special study week on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, theme of the UN World Conference against Racism, in South Africa, which is planned for next year.

Black Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASONEDH), Peru, US$ 5,000
Their campaign aims at disseminating information, sensitizing, educating and calling for the implementation of the first three laws against racial discrimination: Laws 26772, 27749 and 27270. It has also been the only organization to publish a bulletin and a radio programme called "Black Voices" to promote awareness on issues of racism in Peru.

Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project (IPOC), USA, US$ 2,000
This grant will be help IPOC participants to continue to visit prisoners in different prisons from California to Connecticut and to keep in touch with individuals and groups working in support of various political prisoners. Local chapters, such as Chicago IPOC, are also confronting issues of prisoner abuses and police brutalities in their local and regional areas.

Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network (REJN), USA, US$ 2,000
The grant will help them carry out a pilot initiative in racial/ethnic reconciliation that seeks to demonstrate and replicate how African Americans and Latino immigrants in rural and urban communities in North Carolina can work together to improve economic and educational opportunities and safety for vulnerable populations. The Project is addressing two main negative consequences of globalization in the South: Black/Latino tension and violence - in neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools - and rising numbers of vulnerable, poor workers.

Federacion Ecuatoriana de Indigenas Evangélicos (FEINE), Ecuador, US$ 5,000
The Federation consists of organizations, communities and Indigenous Peoples of Protestant churches, to promote development from a spiritual point of view and strengthen cultural identity. Feine also guarantees Indigenous participation in actions of the civil society that directly affect the Indigenous communities.

Church of South India, India ,US$ 5,000
The Church of South India has established a programme, TALITHA KUMI, which seeks to rehabilitate 600 Adivasi (Indigenous / Tribal) Girl Child Labourers - the incidence of Child labour is an all India high especially among Adivasi girl children. This is the first time in the history of the CSI that this specialized ministry has been launched.

Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism (ECTWT), Hong Kong, SAR, China, US$ 4,000
ECTWT has a comprehensive plan called GEPORT (Global Empowerment Programme for Responsible Tourism) and plans to organize a consultation of people from the Asia region to look at the issues of tourism, racism and Indigenous Peoples. This will take place by mid-2001 and will have participants from Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Cambodia and Laos.

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