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Dossier on Globalisation and Debt, June 1999
Contains Jubilee South on Foreign Debt declarations, Jubilee 2000 on G8 meeting in Cologne, WTO Millennium Round, World Bank comprehensive development framework, Links and addresses from the WCC web page on debt.

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Your story is my story, your story is our story
The final report of the Decade Festival (Ecumenical Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women), Harare, November 1998. A lively and beautifully illustrated report of the Decade Festival. Please order from JPC team, address as above.


Chris Arthur
The Globalization of Communication: Some Religious Implications
What relationships can exist between religion and media in an era of globalization? What are some of the specific ways in which core values such as reverence for life, honesty and truth-telling are affected by globalization? What can the churches do to maximize the huge enriching potential of globalization and to minimize its impoverishing potential? What religious guidelines are there for ordering a "pollution" of information into some priorities? Can the individual's fundamental right to communicate be preserved and respected in a situation in which the wealth of information and availability of media are unfairly distributed? These are some of the questions addressed in this fascinating brief introduction to the important issue of globalization and communication.

2-8254-1288-0,76 pp., Sfr.7.90, US$5.75, £3.50. Published in co-operation with the World Association for Christian Communication, London.

Julio de Santa Ana (ed)
Sustainability and Globalization
The papers in this collection, drawn from a symposium at the WCC's Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, pose searching questions in the area of globalization, offering perspectives from business l

2-8254-1265-1, 152 pp., Sfr.18.90, US$13.95, £8.50

Aart van den Berg
God and the Economy
Analysis and typology of Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Ecumenical and Evangelical theological documents on the economy. This outstanding study is the first comprehensive account of theological views on economic issues and patterns covering the whole spectrum of Christian denominations and/or churches. A major reference work for economists, theologians, church leaders, educators and specialized information professionals.

90-5166-649-7, 462 pp, Sfr.65.- , US$45.-, £28.50. Published by Eburon, Delft,The Netherlands. Distributed by WCC Publications.

James Massey
The long-hidden suffering of India's millions of Dalit people, marginalized and oppressed as "untouchables", has become an important concern of churches around the world committed to the struggle against racism. In this book, a Dalit Christian uncovers the religious roots of this system of oppression. He analyzes the role played by missionaries, churches and Christian theology in the past and suggests what must change if Christians are to have a part in articulating and bringing about a vision of solidarity and genuine liberation.

2-8254-1230-9, 96 pp., Sfr.9.90, US$7.50, £4.50. Risk Book Series Special

Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald (ed)
Orthodox Women Speak
This unique collection grows out of two ground-breaking international meetings which brought together more than a hundred Orthodox women from around the world, most officially designated by their churches. Among the topics discussed are the participation of women in Orthodox churches today, the relationship between Jesus and women, women saints as "Spirit-bearers" and models, Orthodox women in monastic life, theological education for Orthodox women, the sin of sexism, and the ordination of women.

2-8254-1263-5, approx. 124 pp., approx. Sfr.15-, US$10.90, £6.50. To be published July 1999.

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Trocaire, the Irish Catholic Agency for World Development, produces the Development Review as part of its programme of research and development education. This programme aims to raise awareness in Ireland and elsewhere of the scale, dimensions and causes of world poverty and to promote individual and official action to overcome it.

Trocaire in producing this Development Review is responding to the need in Ireland for a publication concentrating on policy analysis and research findings on development issues. Review articles are on economic, social and political themes related to poverty in the developing world. A particular focus is the impact on developing countries of aid, trade, financial and other policies adopted by the industrialised countries. Ireland's policies in the context of the European Union are of special interest.

The Editorial Board invites articles that fall within the remit outlined above. Articles, while analytical, should not be overly technical in presentation. In general, individual country case studies should be used only to illustrate a general argument. Research findings on pertinent issues would be particularly welcome. Articles should not exceed 5,000 words. All articles will be refereed. Short notes and comments are also welcome.

Trocaire Development Review is published annually in November. Contributions should be submitted by the preceding 30 June and should be addressed to:

The Editor, Trocaire Development Review
169 Booterstown Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin., Ireland
Fax: +353 1 288 3577
e-mail: Web:
Articles featuring in the 1998 Development Review:
  • Human Rights beyond the Millennium by Rev. Dr Barney Pityana
  • Achieving Political Rights: A First Step in Promoting Human Rights for All by Liz Egan
  • Guatemala: From Declaring Peace to Achieving Peace by Frank La Rue
  • Kenya's Experience and Lessons in Human Rights and Democracy by Maina Kaia
  • Democratising Development in the Philippines and South-East Asia by Aurora Parong
  • Nicaragua: From Conflict to Common Cause by Alejandro Benda¤a
  • Colombia: Ending Impunity - Towards a Culture of Peace by Patty Abozaglo
  • Towards a Global Ethic by Tom Giblin SJ
  • Globalisation, International Capital Flows and Social Ethics: An Asian Perspective by Jayati Ghosh
  • Adjusting in Africa: For Whose Benefit? by Peter Henriot SJ
  • The Global Economy - Crisis in Ethics and Outcomes by Marcos Arruda
ISSN 0790-9403 - Price: IR£ 7.50 (order at the address above)

New book on Pacific nuclear tests!
KIRISIMASI: Fijian troops at Britain's Christmas Island nuclear tests
edited by Losena Tubanavau-Salabula, Josua M. Namoce and Nic Maclellan.

In 1957-8, Britain conducted nine atmospheric nuclear tests at Christmas Island and Malden Island in the central Pacific. Together with British and New Zealand troops, nearly 300 Fijian soldiers and sailors witnessed the development of Britain's hydrogen bomb. This book, published in English and Fijian, is the story of Fiji's Christmas Island veterans in their own words. It tells the history of Fijians at Christmas Island and documents the lasting health and environmental effects of Britain's nuclear testing in the Pacific.

ISBN 982-9018-01-6, 202 pages, with photos and maps, in English and Fijian. US$10 (includes postage)

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Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC)
83 Amy Street, Toorak,
Private Mail Bag, Suva, FIJI
Phone: (679) 304649
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Intermediate Technology's central London Bookshop specializes in literature and information on appropriate technologies and development for all those with a professional, academic or general interest. They stock all the titles listed in the 1999 catalogue plus a wide range of complementary material.

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