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WCC publications on dialogue with people of living faiths

(listed chronologically)

  • Dialogue Between Men of Living Faiths. Papers presented at the Ajaltoun Consultation, Lebanon, March 1970. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha. Geneva, WCC, 1971. 118pp.
  • Living Faiths and the Ecumenical Movement. The findings of the Ajaltoun Consultation, the Aide-mémoire of the Zurich Consultation, the Guidelines for Dialogue accepted by the WCC Central Committees and other papers. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha, Geneva, WCC, 1971. 182 pp. A German edition: Dialog mit anderen Religionen has been published by Otto Lembeck Verlag, Frankfurt. 1972.
  • Christian-Muslim Dialogue. Papers presented at the Broumana Consultation, July 1972. Eds. Stanley J. Samartha and John B. Taylor. Geneva, WCC, 1973. 167 pp. French, German and Arabic translation of memorandum available.
  • Primal World Views. Christian Dialogue with Traditional Thought Forms, Ibadan Consultation, 1973. Ed. John B. Taylor. Ibadan, Daystar Press, 1976. 131 pp.
  • Living Faiths and Ultimate Goals. A discussion on the meaning of salvation according to a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim and a Marxist. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha. Geneva, WCC, 1974. 116 pp.
  • Towurds World Community: Resources and Responsibilities for Living Together. Papers presented to the Multi-lateral Dialogue, Colombo, Sri Lanka. April 1974. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha, Geneva, WCC, 1975. 165 pp.
  • Memorandum only: Towards World Community: Study Encounter, Vol. 10, No. 3, 1974. French and German translations available.
  • The Concept of Power in Jewish and Christian Traditions. A Consultation of the WCC and IJCIC, London, 1975. In: Study Encounter. 15 pp. (out of print).
  • Faith and Ideologies. An Ecumenical Discussion. Cartigny, Geneva. In: Study Encounter, Vol. XI, No. 4, 1975. 13 pp. (out of print).
  • Lectures on Jewish and Christian Worship. CCJP Meeting, Sigtuna/Sweden, 1975. WCC, Geneva. 40 pp. (out of print).
  • Von Vorurteilen zum Verstàndnis. Dokumente zum judisch-christlichen Dialog. Ed. Franz von Hammerstein. Frankfurt am Main, Verlag Otto Lembeck, 1976. 165 pp.
  • Faith in the Midst of Faiths. Reflections on Dialogue in Community. Theological Consultation, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 18-27 April 1977. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha. Geneva, WCC, 1977. 200 pp. (out of print).
  • Denkpause im Dialog. Perspektiven der Begegnung mit anderen Religionen und Ideologien. Chiang Mai Statement, interviews and other articles. Ed. M. Mildenberger. Frankfurt am Main, Verlap Otto Lembeck. 1978. 157 DD.
  • Inside-Out. A style for dialogue. Special Risk Issue. Selections from Chiang Mai Statement, Interviews, Bible Studies and other articles. Geneva, WCC 1977. 76 pp. (out of print).
  • Christians Meeting Muslims. WCC papers on 10 years of Christian-Muslim Dialogue. Ed. John B. Taylor. Geneva, WCC, 1977. 158 pp. 2nd printing 1980. (out of print).
  • Christian-Jewish Relations in Ecumenical Perspective with special emphasis on Africa. A report on the Conference of the WCC Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People. Jerusalem, June 1977. Ed. Franz von Hammerstein. Geneva, WCC, 1978. 146 pp. (out of print).
  • Religious Experience in Humanity's Relation with Nature. A Consultation. Yaoundé, Cameroon 1978. Geneva, WCC, 1979. 37 pp. (out of print).
  • Guidelines on Dialogue with People of Living Faiths and Ideologies, including "Ecumenical Considerations on Jewish-Christian Dialogue". Geneva, WCC 1979. 24 pp. Revised 1989.
  • Man in Nature: Guest or Engineer? A Preliminary Enquiry by Christians and Buddhists into the Religious Dimensions in Humanity's Relation to Nature. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha and Lynn A. de Silva. Published by The Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue, Colombo, in cooperation with the WCC, Geneva 1979. 106 pp.
  • Christian Presence and Witness in Relation to Muslim Neighbours. Report of a conference held in Mombasa, Kenya, December 1979. Ed. John B. Taylor. Geneva, WCC, 1981. 88 pp. 2nd printing 1982. French and German translation of recommendations available. Dialogue. Ed. Wesley Ariarajah. Christian Conference of Asia, Singapore, 1980. 33 pp. In German: Dialog. In: Zeitschrift fur Mission, No. 3, 1986, p. 137-151. Reprinted in English: The Way of Dialogue. Christians and People of Other Faiths. Two Contributions from Southern Asia. Wesley Ariarajah/T.K. Thomas. New York, Friendship Press, 1986, 34 pp. available also in Tamil.
  • Churches among Ideologies. Report of a Consultation and Recommendations to Fellow Christians. Geneva, 1981. Geneva, WCC, 1982. 60 pp. (out of print).
  • Courage for Dialogue. Ecumenical Issues in Inter-religious Relationships. Ed. Stanley J. Samartha. Geneva, WCC, 1981. 157 pp.
  • Religious Resourcesfor a Just Society: A Hindu-Christian Dialogue. Consultation held at Rajpur, India, 1981. Geneva, WCC, 1981. 24 pp.
  • Christians and Education in a Multi-Faith Worid. Consideration on Christian Participation in Education in a Multi-Faith Environment. Jointly published by the sub-unit on Education and the sub-unit on Dialogue, Geneva, WCC, and The Centre for the Study of Religion and Education, Sacred Trinity College, Salford, July 1981. 43 pp. (out of print).
  • Dialogue in Community. Essays in honour of S.J. Samartha. Ed. C.D. Jathanna. Mangalore, The Karnataka Theological Research Institute, 1982. 259 pp.
  • The Meaning of Life. A multifaith consultation, Mauritius, 1983. Ed. Allan R. Brockway, Geneva, WCC, 1983. 20 pp.
  • The Meaning and Limits of Religious Pluralism in the World Today. Edited by Allan Brockway and Jean Halpérin. Papers from a consultation sponsored by the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations and the WCC, at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 25-28 November 1984. Geneva, WCC, 1987. 84 pp.
  • The Bible and People of Other Faiths. By S. Wesley Ariarajah. The Risk Book Series. This book has been co-published with the WSCF Asia/Pacific Region, Hong Kong. Geneva, WCC, 1985. 71 pp. Reprint in March 1987. 71 pp. Published also in Japanese, Swedish and Indonesian. U.S. edition by Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York.
  • Ministerial Formation in a Multifaith Milieu. Implications of Interfaith Dialogue for Theological Education. Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1985, called together by the WCC P`rogramme on Theological Education and the Dialogue sub-unit. Geneva, WCC, 1986. 122 pp.
  • Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People. Report. Araoldshain, FRG, February 1986. Geneva, WCC, 1986. 58 pp.
  • Religion et Responsabilité. Rapport du Colloque islamo-chrétien tenu à Porto Novo, RP du Bénin, mars 1986. Geneva, WCC, 1986. 66 pp.
  • New Religious Movements and the Churches. Edited by Allan R. Brockway and J. Paul Rajaskekar. Report and papers of a consultation sponsored by the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches, Free University, Amsterdam, September 1986. Geneva, WCC, 1986/1987. 201 pp.
  • Towards a Dialogue Between Christians and Traditionists in Africa. Report of a Consultation held at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, Kitwe, Zambia, 22 25 September 1986. Geneva, WCC, 1986. 31 pp.
  • Christian/Jewish Relations. An African Christian-Jewish Consultation. Sponsored by the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations and the World Council of Churches. Nairobi, November 1986. In: Christian/Jewish Relations, volume 20, number 1. London, Institute of Jewish Affairs, Spring 1987. 94 pp.
  • Advancing Together Into the Next Century. Our Common Responsibility in Preparing our Peoples for the Industrial Age. Report of the Christian-Muslim Colloquium held at Dhyana Pura, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, 6 - 11 December 1986. Geneva, WCC, 1986. 59 pp.
  • My Neighbour's Faith and Mine. Theological Discoveries Through Interfaith Dialogue. A Study Guide. Geneva, WCC, 1986 (three printings). 54 pp. Translated into 16 languages.
  • Religion and Society. Report of the Christian-Muslim Colloquium held at Kolyambari, Crete, 27 September I October 1987. Geneva, WCC, 85 pp. Available in French also.
  • Religious Identities in a Multi-Faith World. Report of a Multi-Faith Dialogue, organized by the Dialogue sub-unit of the WCC, New Delhi, November 1987. Report compiled by Kenneth Cracknell. Geneva, WCC, 1988. 45 pp.
  • The Challenge of Pluralism. Report of the Christian-Muslim Colloquium held at New Windsor, Maryland, U.S.A. 17 - 21 March 1988. Geneva, WCC, 1988. 59 pp.
  • Tambaram Revisited. In: International Review of Mission, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 307, July 1988. Geneva, WCC, 1988. pp. 309 - 480.
  • The Theology of the Churches and the Jewish People. Statements by the World Council of Churches and its member churches. With a commentary by Allan Brockway, Paul van Buren, Rolf Rendtorff, Simon Schoon. Geneva, WCC, 1988. 186 pp.
  • Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People. Report. Sigtuna Sweden. 30 October 4 November 1988. Geneva, WCC, 1988. 52 pp.
  • Meeting in Faith. Twenty Years of Christian-Muslim Conversations Sponsored by the World Council of Churches. Compiled by Stuart E. Brown. Geneva, WCC, 1989. 181 pp.
  • Spirituality in Interfaith Dialogue. Edited by Tosh Arai and Wesley Ariarajah. Geneva, WCC, 1989. 103 pp.
  • Religion and Life. Report of a Christian-Muslim Colloquium held at Usa River, Tanzania, 12 - 17 June 1989. Geneva, WCC, 1989. 57 pp.
  • Current Dialogue. Newsletter of Dialogue sub-unit. Geneva, WCC.
  • Dialogue Working Group Committee Minutes. Athens, Greece, 1973. New Delhi, India, 1974. Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad, West Indies, 1978. Matrafured, Hungary, 1980. Bali, Indonesia, December 1981 / January 1982. Swanwick, United Kingdom, 1985. Potsdam, GDR, 1986. Baar, Switzerland, 1988. Casablanca, Morocco, 1989.
  • Meeting in Faith: Twenty Years of Christian-Muslim Conversations Sponsored by the World Council of Churches, compiled by Stuart E. Brown, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1989
  • Report of The Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1992 (out of print)
  • Issues in Christian-Muslim Relations: Ecumenical Consideration, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1993
  • The Nearest in Affection: Towards a Christian Understanding of Islam, Stuart Brown, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1994
  • The Spiritual Understanding of Jerusalem for Jews, Christians and Muslims: Report on a Colloquium, ed. Hans Ucko, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1994 (out of print)
  • Report of The Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People on the People of God and the Churches' Self-Understanding, Budapest 1994 (out of print)
  • Common Roots - New Horizons. Learning about Christian Faith from Dialogue with Jews, Hans Ucko WCC Publications, Geneva, 1994, 100 pp.
  • Religion, Law and Society: A Christian-Muslim Discussion. ed. Tarek Mitri, WCC Publications, Geneva; Kok Pharos Publishing Co., Kampen, 1995.
  • Religion and Human Rights: A Christian-Muslim Discussion, ed. Tarek Mitri, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1996.
  • People of God - Peoples of God: A Jewish-Christian Conversation in Asia, ed. Hans Ucko, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1996, 110 pp.
  • Issues in Hindu-Christian Relations: Report on a Workshop, ed. Abraham Oomen and A. Pushparajan, National Council of Churches in India, 1996
  • The Jubilee Challenge: Utopia or Possibility? Jewish and Christian Insights, ed. Hans Ucko, WCC Publications, Geneva, 1997, 197 pp.
  • Interreligious Prayer, ed. Michael Fitzgerald and Hans Ucko, Pro Dialogo/Current Dialogue, 1998.
  • PCID-OIRR: Reflections on Interreligious Marrage, A Joint Study Document, Pro Dialogo, Bulletin 96, 1997/8, PCID, Rome.

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