International Affairs, Peace & Human Security

Bad Saarow, German Democratic Republic

Current negotiations following the most recent crisis have given new hope for resolving the conflicts in the Middle East.

The WCC Central Committee in Canterbury in 1969 had stressed the need of both redressing the injustice done to the Palestinian people as well as providing guarantees for the existence of the State of Israel in the context of the implementation of the appropriate U. N. resolutions.

What we desire is equal justice for both Palestinian people and Jewish people in the Middle East.

With a view to achieving lasting peace with justice in the Middle East it is imperative to assert the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and to urge the immediate implementation of these rights. For this purpose the Palestinians should be guaranteed official status on all levels and formal opportunities to express their view freely about their future and to implement their rights.

It is of the first importance that the rights of the Israeli Jews and the implementation of the rights of the Palestinians should not lead to injustice to either people.

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