8 August 2002

Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you;
Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid”
(John 14/27)

Very many people in this land are alarmed at the way the situation is moving further into conflict with the hopes for peace and reconciliation being dashed.

Bloodshed and violence abounds and sufferings of innocent people is daily intensified.
Already we have made a direct approach to the Prime Minister of Israeli and his colleagues concerning Closure and Curfew which are currently bringing untold hardships to thousands whether it be in regard to employment, the purchase of food supplies, attention to medical needs or the freedom to worship.

The picture presented to our children and young people is one of the wholesale dis-regard for human life and dignity as murder, assassination and destruction of homes continue.

This in turn is intensifying the desire for revenge on both sides – Israeli and Palestinians alike, whilst at the same time encouraging hatred rather than respect and mutual understanding.

We are convinced that God alone can rescue all of us from this intolerable position which is why we are calling upon all our people throughout this Land, to join us in intensifying our prayers for peace, with justice and reconciliation. Hopefully, our Moslem and Jewish friends will feel able to add their prayers too.

So, we have arranged a period of daily PRAYER FOR PEACE at 6pm from Thursday, August 15th to Wednesday, August 28th in the churches across the City.

We again invite our brothers and sisters around the world to link their prayers with ours at this special time and thank them for their understanding and support.

+ The Patriarchs & Heads of Churches
Communities & Institutions in Jerusalem


We appeal also to our brothers and Sisters around the world – many of whom have already offered generous support – to link their prayers with ours at this special time according the following proposed program for Jerusalem:

Thursday, Aug. 15th Armenian Cathedral of St. James,
Old City, Armenian Quarter

Friday, Aug. 16th Chapel of Tantur Ecumenical Institute,
Road of Bethlehem

Saturday, Aug. 17th Lutheran Church of the Redeemer,
Old City near Holy Sepulcher

Sunday Aug. 18th Greek Catholic Church of Annunciation,
Old City near Jaffa Gate

Monday, Aug. 19th St. Andrew’ s Church of Scotland,
near Railway Station.

Tuesday, Aug, 20th St. James Church,
Nablus Road – Beit Hanina

Wednesday, Aug, 21st St. Anthony’s Coptic Church,
Old City, near Holy Sepulcher

Thursday, Aug, 22nd Dormition Abbey,
Mount Sion

Friday, Aug, 23rd Ethiopian Orthodox Church,
West Jerusalem, off Prophet Street

Saturday, Aug, 24th Pater Noster Church
Mount of Olives

Sunday, Aug, 25th Anglican Cathedral of St. George,
20, Nablus Road.

Monday, Aug, 26th Catholic Syrian Vicariate,
6, Chaldean Street, Nablus Road

Tuesday, Aug, 27th St. Mark’s Syrian Orthodox Church,
Old City, near Jaffa Gate

Wednesday, Aug, 28th Maronite Vicariate
Old City, near Jaffa Gate

Please continue to pray for a just peace & reconciliation to be implemented in this Holy Land.

+ The Patriarchs & Heads of Churches,
Communities & Institutions in Jerusalem

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