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In 2001, the Rio de Janeiro state government in cooperation with the non-governmental organization Viva Rio, organized a massive gun destruction ceremony in June. Nearly 100,000 guns occupying 400 square meters of a concrete road were crushed by a bulldozer. Twenty thousand people witnessed the event.
Report: March for Jesus 2002

This year's "March for Jesus" in Rio de Janeiro was held on March 18th, with the support of Viva Rio. The annual march, organized by the Evangelical community all over the world, had as a theme, "Peace for Rio, Peace for the Holy Land", and gathered over 60 thousand people in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Viva Rio helped to organize the event and to mobilize civil society through intense coverage in the Brazilian press as well as in the communities where Viva Rio has projects and social campaigns.<

Those participating in the event marched from Central Station to Apotese, asking and praying for the end of violence in Rio and an end to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. During the procession, the Evangelical community, with the support of Viva Rio's disarmament campaign, held a symbolic weapons destruction. They also collected signatures asking for peace in the world.

At Apoteose, there was a gospel show with performances by major Brazilian gospel musicians and the international singer Ron Kanoly. The event also included testimonials from individuals who have been converted and left the world of crime, such as Joaozinho from the Vila Kenedy slum, once the drug boss of three Rio de Janeiro slums and now working in the rehabilitation of youth involved in drug trafficking. The state governor, Benedita da Silva, also joined in the march along with artists, sports figures and other civil and military authorities.

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