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DVD Facing the Future , includes several titles:

Facing the Future, Ecumenical Youth Encounter
Addressing the theme "Facing the Future", more than 30 young people from churches and student Christian movements (SCMs) in many nations gather in Cuba for a 3-week leadership programme co-sponsored by the World Council of Churches and the World Student Christian Federation. Through an intensive series of encounters, participants come to see themselves and their cultures from new perspectives. Returning home, they embark on local ministry projects with a sense of belonging to one, worldwide Christian movement.
This video follows the diverse youth leaders as they engage in Bible study, worship, dance and song, role-playing exercises and acts of fellowship, as well as frank exchanges on such topics as economic globalization, relations between women and men, challenges presented by HIV/AIDS, and other issues concerning faith and practice. Their experience provides a wealth of possibilities for further discussion. The philosophy behind this multicultural interaction is summed up by one youth:
"Tell me about it, and I'll forget.
Show me, and I'll remember.
Involve me, and I'll understand."
Duration: 30'30" - (Short version): 9'19"

Educational videos on: Globalisation , HIV/AIDS & Gender
? How does economic globalisation impact young people and their faith? Duration: 12'37"
? What are the challenges of HIV/AIDS and what can young people do? Duration:15'39"
? Gender and marriage; What are the differences in dating and getting married between young people from different countries, cultures and churches? Duration:11'09

Faith, Culture and Boyfriends - From Denmark to Kenya: Faith's cultural challenge.
'How could you…?'
Dorte from Denmark visits the twins Emily and Gladys in their home in Kenya.
She is introduced to the rich church life of the area and to the problems of AIDS, widespread also among Christians.
Dorte does not find it easy to face deprivation and hardship. Should she feel guilty because of her rich life in Europe?
One night the girls tell each other about boyfriends. They think they know what to expect when they reveal their secrets. But they don't…
Duration: 28'40"

Cultural shock - From Nairobi to Copenhagen: seeing Christianity from the other side.
'It wasn't what we thought it would be. It was a shock.'
The twins Emily and Gladys from Kenya were speaking after a visit to the Lutheran state church in Denmark.
They had expected to find a church similar to their own. Instead they found a church with plenty of money but very few people caring about church life.
They met a couple who paid church tax but never used the church, a choir paid to sing in the church on Sundays without being part of the congregation, a gay pastor and his partner living together in the community-house.
It was all a shock, but the question is, can you judge a church on your own expectations. Duration: 28'26"

At the 15th European TV Festival of Religious Programmes, in Warsaw, May 2004, Cultural Shock won in documentary category.

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