Press releases

06.02.01: Roundup: WCC Central Committee adjourns in historic Potsdam

06.02.01: WCC Central Committee expresses concerns related to climate change, calls for analysis of impact of economic globalization

06.02.01: WCC Central Committee asks member churches to discuss, reflect on concerns related to protection for endangered populations. Committee also adopts proposals on specific conflicts

06.02.01: Will the WCC assembly be reduced to a "talking shop"?

06.02.01: WCC plans a comprehensive income development strategy to meet the financial challenges of the years ahead

05.02.01: Decade to Overcome Violence is launched in snow and lights

05.02.01: Nobel Peace Prize winner supports armed intervention, but only as last resort

05.02.01: Democratization of Africa difficult, but participants express hope for future

04.02.01: Central Committee prepares to launch Decade to Overcome Violence

04.02.01: "Humanitarian Intervention" issues can create ethical dilemma for churches

04.02.01: Declining participation hurts German churches, though speakers express hope for revitalization, WCC Central Committee told

03.02.01: International launch of the Decade to Overcome Violence

03.02.01: Churches for Reconciliation, Truth and Justice

02.02.01: Churches can play vital role in reducing racism

01.02.01: Central Committee members 'optimistic' about work of Special Commission

01.02.01: European market economy must be integrated with social policy, economic justice, says federal president at WCC Central Committee meeting

31.01.01: WCC Central Committee accepts new members, recognizes ecumenical groups

31.01.01: Foreign debt is economic plunder, says Argentine church leader

30.01.01: Aram: Violence is evil but may be necessary to restore justice

30.01.01: Creative dialogue key to Decade to Overcome Violence, Moderator says

30.01.01: WCC aims to mobilize more funds

30.01.01: Churches urged to create ecumenical space for better understanding: WCC general secretary´s report to the Central Committee

29.01.01: Bishop reminds WCC: The goals are difficult but Jesus is the way

24.01.01: International launch of the Decade to Overcome Violence: Christians around the world will join in the official celebrations in Berlin

19.01.01: Twelve years on, the WCC returns to Germany : Central Committee of the World Council of Churches in Potsdam and Berlin

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