Addressed to:
  1. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia
  2. Churches and Christians in Indonesia
  3. World Ecumenical Bodies
  4. The United Nations
On behalf of the whole Christian community in Indonesia, the Executive Board of the Communion of Churches in Indonesia expresses her utmost deep concern on the human tragedy which has been happening and has at the moment developed to a level of crime against humanity.

Various approaches and efforts have been made to overcome the conflict in Maluku. The latest one, which is now being carried out, is The State of Civil Emergency since June 27, 2000. However, this effort has not brought about any solution. On the contrary the situation continues to deteriorate and has reached the very worst and is threatening the very existence of the Christian community in Maluku. It includes wide social and political implications to the continuation of the process of reformation and the existence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Some of the facts which indicate that the State of Civil Emergency is not effectively stopping the violence in Maluku are as follow:

  1. At the moment this statement was being made, we received a report that Waai, a christian village of Salahutu District, Ambon, is being destroyed by mortar bombs and fire arrows. Hundreds of people's houses, the two church buildings (Protestant and Roman Catholic), the elementary and secondary school buildings, the village clinic, the police resident complex are all destroyed. The Security Forces cannot enter the area because they were blocked by the so called "white group".

  2. At the moment this draft statement was being typed, at 19.30 (Indonesian Western Time), we received an SOS call from the PGI Representative of Maluku, the Amboina Episcopate (Episcopacy), the PGPI and P11, to evacuate all Christians from Maluku for security reasons.

  3. The shooltings by snipers to civilians, including women and children, resulted in tens dead and injured.

  4. On the 4th of July 2000 from 05.00 to 14.00 (Indonesian Eastern Time) an attack was carried out by the "white group" supported by TNI/P0LRI indisplinaries and has scorched to earth the Christian housing complex in villages of Wailela, Rumah Tiga, Poka including the Pattimura University.

  5. Just before this statement is going to released, we were still receiving information telling that a number of villages and Christian communities were under the threat to be schorched.
Taking the facts and data, which are described above and events before the implementation of the Civil Emergency, we conclude the following:
  1. The communities in Maluku, Christian as well as Moslem, have been the victims of a conflict of the political elite who manipulate religious sentiments.

  2. The escalation and spreading of violence against humanity inspite of the Civil Emergency implementation was a direct result of the coming of Jihad Troops into Maluku under the support of the TNI/P0LRI inclisplinarles. So that not only reconciliation efforts which had been made before were being disrupted, but also such efforts are barred and rendered meaningless in the present condition.

  3. The attacks targeted at the Christian communities in Maluku have caused the loss of human lives, properties and social relationships. There are indications that this movement will continue with the goal to eradicate the presence of Christians and the Church in Maluku, which is the oldest Church in Asia. These fads have strongly bothered and annoyed particularly Christians in Maluku and the whole Indonesian Christian people in general.
Based on the above, we have taken the standpoints as follow:
  1. As an integral part of the people of Indonesia we, PGI (The Indonesian Communion of Churches) who covers 76 Synods of Churches in Indonesia with tens of millions membership, plead to the people of Indonesia to see the Maluku tragedy as a national problem that could threaten the unity and coherence of the people of Indonesia.

  2. To express the solidarity of all churches in Indonesia and their church members with the whole communities in Maluku, who suffer very deeply, with those still hanging on their places or those who were forced to flee their homes and villages and run into the mountains and forests or to the other islands. And to call upon all Christians in Indonesia to directly show their solidarity in the form of prayers and visible actions with the communities in Maluku who are the victims of injustice.

  3. With this Christian solidarity to strengthen the national unity of Indonesia comprising all ethnics, religions, races, and social groups, which is an absolute for the rising from its fall.

  4. To demand that all forms of violence be stopped immediately, and the actors, such as the Jihad Troops, be arrested and expelled from the areas of conflict (Maluku and North Maluku) and to pevent external rioteers from entering Maluku.

  5. To demand that the Government (of Indonesia) to take concrete steps to discipline members of TNI/P0LRI who take sides with the conflicting parties.

  6. To call upon all world Christian organizations, Protestants (World Council of Churches, World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Lutheran Church World Federation, etc.) and the Catholic Church (Vatican) to demand the government of Indonesia and the United Nations to ensure the right to life of the Indonesian Christians in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

  7. To call upon the United Nations and the Government of Indonesia to jointly watch and monitor the implementation ofther State of Civil Emergency in Maluku to prevent further annihilation of human beings in Maluku.
Jakarta, 8 July 2000

Rev. Dr. Natan Setiabudi
General Chairman

Rev. Dr. Richard M. Daulay
Vice General Secretary

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