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Below is a list of WCC press releases, updates and features issued in 2000 in reverse chronological order. Just click on the item you want to read. Most of these items were also distributed en français auf Deutsch and en español. You might be interested in the press releases issued during 1999. Please contact the media relations office, for further information.

2001 WCC press releases, updates and features

2000 WCC press releases, updates and features

13.12.00 Update: WCC sends Christmas message to Jerusalem churches. "Our shared goal is peace built on the foundations of justice"
11.12.00 Update: Global trade and HIV/AIDS first priorities for new Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance
07.12.00 Release: Ogoni Peoples in Nigeria receive grant from World Council of Churches. WCC announces anti-racism grants
06.12.00 Feature: "The quest for unity is something very essential to our Christian being"
04.12.00 Release: New instrument for global advocacy. Founding meeting of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance
27.11.00 Feature: "You can work for life or for death. We in the WCC have opted for life". Ecumenical Team at the UN Climate Conference in the Hague
24.11.00 Release: Churches call for UN to investigate killings, beatings and suicides of migrant workers in Gulf States
17.11.00 Update: Asia and Pacific ecumenical leaders challenge churches to take prophetic stance against globalisation
17.11.00 Release: Christmas Message 2000, Rev. Dr Konrad Raiser, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches
15.11.00 Release: Jean-Marie Roger Tillard OP (1927-2000).
14.11.00 Release: WCC challenges rich countries at Climate Change Conference in The Hague.
10.11.00 Release: Asian and Pacific church leaders gather in China.
26.10.00 Update: Nigeria visit: WCC general secretary notes challenges to ecumenism, interreligious dialogue and environmental justice
26.10.00 Update: Special Commission meets in Cairo and prepares progress report for WCC Central Committee
20.10.00 Update: Palestinian ecumenical delegation calls for action and prayer
17.10.00 Update: WCC encourages objective investigation of Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people
16.10.00 Release: WCC general secretary lauds Nobel Peace Prize winner President Kim Dae-jung.
10.10.00 Release: WCC general secretary to experience Nigeria's "evolving ecumenism".
10.10.00 Update: WCC supports Kofi Annan's intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
06.10.00 Update: WCC and CEC express solidarity with churches in Yugoslavia.
04.10.00 Release: Ecumenical organisations pay tribute to Alain Blancy.
02.10.00 Release: WCC Executive Committee notes concern for Jerusalem.
02.10.00 Update: New input from Eastern Europe to WCC staff.
29.09.00 Feature: Churches reach out to refugees in Egypt.
28.09.00 Release: Joshua Russell Chandran (1918-2000).
28.09.00 Update: Network says churches should become more effective advocates for uprooted people.
25.09.00 Feature: Every one a heroine - the lives of women in Liberia.
22.09.00 Release: Common ecumenical advocacy at upcoming UNHCR meeting.
15.09.00 Update: Call for recognition of Indigenous land and identity in the Pacific.
14.09.00 Release: On Visser 't Hooft's 100th birthday, the WCC honours its first general secretary.
13.09.00 Release: Taking Shape: Global Christian Forum
12.09.00 Feature: Jerusalem: Who has access to God?
06.09.00 Release: Indigenous rights in the Pacific: World Council of Churches and Pacific Conference of Churches in joint workshop.
05.09.00 Release: WCC reaffirms importance of ecumenical dialogue and common witness: First reaction to the Declaration Dominus Iesus.
01.09.00 Update: Millennium Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders declares commitment to peace and support for the UN.
30.08.00 Update: Religious leaders should have "something to say about dialogue in the sphere of global governance": Konrad Raiser addresses Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.
29.08.00 Feature: Elizabeth's children.
28.08.00 Feature: Liberia's guardian angels.
25.08.00 Release: Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.
23.08.00 Feature: 100th anniversary of the birth of Willem A. Visser ít Hooft: Remember Wim by John Garrett.
21.08.00 Feature: The WCC is learning to dance: Interview with Lusmarina Campos Garcia Producer of the "Peace to the City" dance drama.
16.08.00 Feature: McVilla fights for her rights.
14.08.00 Feature: Women in Liberia: Forgiving but not forgetting.
09.08.00 Feature: Liberia's female face.
07.08.00 Feature: Efforts to overcome armed violence and control small arms possession and sales gather momentum.
02.08.00 Feature: Sanctions: the children of Iraq are still dying.
21.07.00 Release: WCC Dance Drama "Peace to the City" Goes on Tour for the Decade to Overcome Violence.
20.07.00 Feature: Religions Unite for Children.
14.07.00 Update: Indonesia: WCC appeals to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
14.07.00 Release: Justice for Residents of Vieques - WCC in support of Puerto Rican Island.
14.07.00 Update: Indonesia: WCC appeals to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
06.07.00 Release: International ecumenical team will not observe Haiti's second round of elections
30.06.00 Update: Ecumenical Team Assesses First Results of Geneva 2000.
29.06.00 Update: WCC appeals for restoration of law and order in the Malukus region.
28.06.00 Update: NGOs Call on the UN to Withdraw Endorsement of "A Better World For All".
28.06.00 Update: Geneva 2000: WCC general secretary writes to UN secretary-general Kofi Annan.
27.06.00 Update: For a Genuine Peopleís Social Agenda, by Esther Camac Ramirez.
26.06.00 Update: "Now is the Time". Oral Statement presented to the Committee of the Whole of the Special Session of the General Assembly on the Implementation of the Outcome of the World Summit for Social Development and Further Initiatives Geneva, 26-30 June 2000.
21.06.00 Update: On the occasion of Geneva 2000, Kofi Annan will attend the service of worship held in Saint-Pierre Cathedral on Sunday 25 June.
20.06.00 Release: Ecumenical Team at Geneva 2000 concerned about slow progress.
19.06.00 Update: Tribute to Marlin VanElderen, 1946-2000.
13.06.00 Release: Marlin VanElderen 1946-2000.
09.06.00 Feature: After ten years of war - a Decade to Overcome Violence? An ecumenical visit to El Salvador.
06.06.00 Update: Zimbabwe's churches prepare to monitor elections.
31.05.00 Update: Security of all communities is focus of church delegation visit with president of Lebanon.
29.05.00 Release: WCC calls Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon one step towards Middle East peace.
29.05.00 WCC to send ecumenical peace observers for Zimbabwe elections.
26.05.00 Release: WCC sends pastoral letter to member churches in Fiji as Constitutional crisis deepens.
26.05.00 Feature: Finding a way out of the crisis: courageous commitment by Haiti's churches.
23.05.00 Update: Some deadlocks hamper preparations for Geneva 2000.
19.05.00 Update: A time of anxiety and hope: Konrad Raiser reviews his visit to Haiti.
18.05.00 WCC Delegation Leaves for Zimbabwe.
16.05.00 Update: One week before parliamentary elections in Haiti, the WCC expresses support for the churches and other forces fighting for greater democracy.
15.05.00 Sierra Leone: swift action by UN essential says WCC.
09.05.00 Release: Ecumenical Solidarity and Practical Aid: First visit to Haiti by a WCC general secretary.
05.05.00 Release: Message of the Presidents of the WCC at Pentecost 2000.
26.04.00 Release: Leading world Christian organisations prepared to send joint team to Zimbabwe.
17.04.00 Update: Geneva 2000: No breakthrough on cancellation of debt and adoption of a currency transfer tax.
17.04.00 Feature: "Humanitarian intervention": An ethical dilemma.
10.04.00 Update: Currency transfer tax : "an idea whose time has come". Panel discussion prepares for Geneva 2000.
05.04.00 Release: Call for a just and moral economy - ecumenical team prepares for Geneva 2000.
23.03.00 Update: WCC general secretary meets Indonesian president.
23.03.00 Feature: Who will take the first step? One year after the Kosovo crisis, Christians and Muslims are looking for ways to resolve the conflict.
22.03.00 Update: Participants at historic joint WCC/AACC meeting commit both bodies to close cooperation on Africa's life-threatening problems.
21.03.00 Update: First Visit in 30 Years by a WCC General Secretary to Indonesia.
21.03.00 Release: Governing bodies of the World Council of Churches and the All Africa Conference of Churches meet for the first time.
17.03.00 Update: Philippines: WCC general secretary praises inter-church cooperation but is troubled by rising militarism.
16.03.00 Release: Beyond charity, Mozambique needs justice, says WCC.
14.03.00 Release: WCC to try new approach at UN Commission on Human Rights.
09.03.00 Update: Staff news.
09.03.00 Release: WCC general secretary's visit to the Philippines and Indonesia will focus on social justice and reconciliation.
03.03.00 Release: WCC Executive Committee requests firm guarantees for human rights and humanitarian needs in Chechnya.
03.03.00 Release: WCC Central Committee to meet in Berlin.
03.03.00 Release: WCC Executive Committee: continuing concern for Indonesia and Cyprus.
24.02.00 Feature: Taking the message into corridors of power: Ecumenical team prepares for Geneva 2000.
18.02.00 WCC appeals to the United Nations to life sanctions on the civilian population of Iraq.
09.02.00 Release: WCC general secretary Konrad Raiser calls for an "early warning system" to identify potential mass violations of human rights.
02.02.00 Release: Bishop Walter Kasper - First Visit to the WCC.
18.01.00 Update: Ruth Sovik - a tribute.
13.01.00 Release: Ruth Sovik 1928-2000.
12.01.00 Update: WCC Calls on Indonesian Government to End Impunity.

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