A journal on mission and evangelism in six continents

The International Review of Mission, the earliest ecumenical journal on mission, is published by the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism to foster serious reflection mission "in each place and all places" and to support the churches in their worldwide missionary calling.

Appearing four times a year, the IRM counts among its readers thousands of persons around the world who are actively involved in the thinking and practice of mission in the light of contemporary challenges and opportunities. Local pastors, committed lay persons, theological students, missionaries and missiologists find the IRM an invaluable source of insight, information and reflection on the nature of the church's mission. More than interested readers, they have truly become enthusiastic partners for ecumenical study and reflection.

The subscription rate for 2001 is:
Sfr 47.50, US$33.50, BP 21.50, A$50.00, NZ$65.00, CN$43.50, Euros: 31.50.

For more information on subscriptions, or to subscribe, send us an e-mail.

Editorial enquiries (submission of articles, reviews etc.) should be addressed the IRM editor.

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